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Do you want to win big when playing online and secure a real money payout using a no deposit bonus? Take a look at these five essential steps to finding the best free bonus codes and generating valuable cash winnings without a deposit:

1. Shop Around for the Best Casino Bonuses

It’s always best to do your research and shop around when it comes to finding free casino bonuses, especially if you’re ‘in it to win it’. There are countless no deposit bonuses out there, and many of the biggest igaming platforms use them to attract new players – certain bonuses are more lucrative than others, so make sure you choose wisely and don’t be taken in by the first promotion that makes an appearance, even if it’s a no deposit casino bonus.

Equally as important as finding the right bonus code is choosing a corresponding slot machine game with equal payout potential. You may find that choosing a high-volatility online slot with a higher-than-average Return to Player (RTP) rate can significantly improve your chances of generating a free real money payout when spinning the reels using this kind of bonus. Most online casino gamers who play for real money aim for a minimum RTP rate of approximately 96%, which could be a good minimum benchmark for those hoping to cash out using a no deposit bonus.

2. Aim For Low Wagering Requirements

A key factor to keep in mind when shopping around for the best no deposit bonuses are wagering requirements. These dictate the number of times that a player is required to wager the value of their bonus before they are able to withdraw any of their winnings. Each bonus features its own wagering requirements, and these can range from low (or ‘easy’) to high (or ‘hard’). Generally, it is best to go with bonuses that feature low wagering requirements, as these will be easier to meet and achieve quickly. This is especially true if you are attempting to generate winnings online using a code. However, it is worth noting that wagering requirements tend to increase with the potential value of respective bonuses, so if you’re hoping for an especially big payout, you may have to spend quite some time playing before you’re able to withdraw any winnings earned on the reels.

3. Make Sure You Play Eligible Games

There are countless tips out there that advise how to win slot machine games, but an absolutely crucial piece of advice for any reel spinner attempting to trigger a win using a bonus is this: make sure you’re playing the right game! Many no deposit bonuses are only accessible with select games or single game titles, which means that you could be wasting your time if you haven’t read up on the terms and conditions and – shock horror – you’re playing the wrong title. Different games hold varying gaming percentage contributions, which essentially ‘contribute’ towards the progress made in achieving wagering requirements. This is why playing eligible games is vital if you’re hoping to take home a win using no deposit bonuses.

4. Find A Betting Range to Suit Your Bonus & Budget

Online slot machines (and progressive jackpot slots especially) are renowned for generating potentially huge payouts from minuscule deposits. Naturally, this implies a wide potential betting range, with players able to place real money wagers on many online slots from as little as 0.01 and up to 1.00 per spin. If you’re hoping to win a real money payout using a free bonus code, always make sure that the terms and conditions of your bonus support the real money wagers you’re making, and that the betting range of your chosen game is compatible with the specific bonus you’re using. This is especially important for high rollers and those gamers who are trying to limit or keep on top of their playing budget.

5. Aim for High Bonus Withdrawal Caps

If you want to generate real money winnings playing free slot machine games and you would like to access all of your cash straight away, make sure that you go with a bonus (or host casino) with a high withdrawal limit. Many casinos impose limits on the amount that players can withdraw in one sitting, which can be extremely irritating if you’ve managed to win a large sum when playing online. If you’re looking to win big on the reels and take home a valuable payout without interruption, make sure you compare bonus withdrawal caps before investing your precious time and (free) real money wagers.

Real Money Winnings – No Deposit!

Online casino gaming should be entertaining, and financial gain should never be the sole motivation for players. Nevertheless, the fact that players today are able to generate real money winnings from nothing is amazing, and it certainly adds an extra level of excitement to online casino play. Hopefully, this list of 5 top tips can help you on your way to securing a valuable cash payout using a no deposit bonus…. Good luck!

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