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Online slots have been the most popular form of gambling for many years. According to numerous surveys, more than half of the respondents named video slots in online casinos and offline establishments as their favorite entertainment.

Why Are Online Slots So Popular?

What is attributed to the enduring popularity of slot machines? Let’s try to highlight their main advantages.

  • A huge range – the number is uncountable. Every day there are new models in the gambling industry. On Get Ready Online Casinos you will find several thousand video device reviews. Novelties of well-known brands are considered immediately after publication.
  • An Incredible Choice of Themes – No matter what you like, you will surely be able to find a slot dedicated to your favorite theme. Sports, cinema, history, literature, geography – the developers cover all common areas.
  • Elementary rules – slots for even novice customers. Faced with each novelty, in a few seconds you will understand the basic provisions of the gameplay. And there is no need to study the intricacies of awarding payouts or introducing price features. These processes are automated.
  • The lack of complex strategies is neither blackjack nor video poker. No need to delve deeper into theory and hone your skills in practice. Choose a bet, spin the reels – you’ve learned the outcome. The odds of winning are the same for a beginner and an experienced user.
  • The variety of possibilities – manufacturers of playground equipment are constantly trying to surprise users. They offer unusual designs, original bonuses, themed raffles, free spins, unexpected prizes, unique symbols, unusual rules for winning prizes and much more.
  • Spectacular Appearance – Video slots feature a bright design with exquisite graphics, juicy colors, catchy animations and high-quality sounds.
  • High returns – Of course, slots cannot be counted among the most profitable casino games of chance. The mathematical superiority of the casino is slightly higher in most models than, for example, in Jacks or Better or European Blackjack. And yet RTP in the best slots is between two and three percent, which is a good indicator. In order to achieve this, you don’t have to learn long, as is the case with blackjack or video poker.
  • Jackpots – The lion’s share of the biggest progressive jackpots from well-known brands are played on slots. When you hear about a million-dollar win, it’s almost certain that it’s a lucky man who hit the jackpot on a popular slot machine.
  • Stake Range – Usually both high rollers and micro limit lovers can play on the same video slots. As a rule, online casino operators offer betting in a very wide range.

As you can see, this genre of gambling has a large number of advantages that make the slot so popular in the gambling industry.

Types of casino slot machines

Slots can be classified into groups based on various criteria such as design, list of available features, scope, theme, scope of use and other characteristics.


First of all, casino slot machines can be divided into two main categories:

  • Traditional slot machines are classic models with three reels, one to five paylines, standard images and a limited range of additional features.
  • Multifunctional video slots are models with five (sometimes different) reels and a variety of bonuses. Wild, scatter, free spins, sweepstakes and other options are usually available.

Such a division in modern gambling is very conditional, since developers often release games that are at the crossroads of genres. On the one hand, unique functions can be implemented in the classic «one-armed bandits». On the other hand, a typical 5-reel video slot can offer traditional visuals and primitive gameplay in the spirit of the first «fruit machines».

Another fundamental difference is the scope of the game.

  • Online slots are meant for gambling websites on the internet;
  • Offline slots are installed in real casinos.

Some manufacturers produce the same models in several versions, including varieties suitable for playing on smartphones in mobile casinos. Reviews mainly consider video slots for online casinos, although some articles also talk about the most interesting or unusual offline models.

In recent years, the conditional separation of slot machines by variance has gained popularity. This indicator is also known as volatility and variability in gambling. In the case of online gambling, the higher the payout, the rarer it is.

It is common to distinguish three levels of variance:

  1. Low – combinations are formed in almost every spin, but often they are smaller than bets;
  2. Medium is the most common option with a moderate balance of winning and losing spins;
  3. High – The “black bars” can span dozens of spins, but even one payout can cover the cost.
    Now many manufacturers indicate the volatility indicator in the paytable or in the reference sections attached to the slots. This information is also published in the slot machine reviews.

You can also split video slots into groups by jackpot type:

  • slots without jackpots;
  • Fixed Jackpot Games;
  • Games with different types of jackpots.

The conditions for jackpot draws are determined by the software manufacturers. There are no uniform regulations.


In addition, you can classify video slots by game features: bonus games, free spins, wilds, double-up rounds and so on.

Game Rules for Slots

If you want to understand the intricacies of gameplay, you will be interested in the information below.

  • Payouts – Winning combinations are traditionally considered to be multiple identical images. How exactly they should be located on the screen should be specified in the rules of each individual model. Most often they should be lined up left to right on the active strip. Sometimes it is enough that they are in adjacent columns. More rarely, their position is not considered at all.
  • Special Characters – Some symbols are subject to special rules. For example, scatters are paid regardless of location and free spins are triggered, while wilds replace the missing images in the chains.
  • Respins are free re-reels activated in certain situations. Often times, some symbols will remain on screen during respins.
  • Free spins are a series of casino spins played using a bet from the previous spin. They often also include additional functions.
  • Risk-a game of equal odds – In many slots you can try to increase the accumulated payout. In most cases you have to guess the color of the hidden card in order for the win to double. Other formats are also used: “heads or tails”, card comparison, suit selection and unique developments of manufacturers.
  • Bonus Games – There are different types of prize rounds. The most common draws are in the format “Choose an item”, “Wheel of Fortune”, “Guess the winner”, “Defeat an opponent” or “Find the right path”. On some models, the bonus games are unique and go beyond the standard patterns.
  • Progressive Jackpots – Cumulative jackpots are played according to different rules. Some are offered in all games of a certain brand. Others are available on just one model regardless of the casino. Still others are only used on a slot in a separate facility. The conditions should therefore be examined in each case.

In the review articles on the portal, the rules of video slots are explained step by step. You will learn how combinations are formed, how payouts are achieved, how special symbols work, what bonuses are available to users and what surprises the game can offer.

Mobile slot machines

All new slots are offered with a mobile casino version. This format is followed by the largest software developers and small studios.

Mobile slots is always set up in the same style as the desktop option, offering the same rules, bonuses and additional terms and conditions.

The differences relate to the interface. It creates a comfortable environment when gaming on small touch screens. It is usually a different button layout, reduced size, lower demands on device performance and communication quality.

Online Slots with bonuses

There are various bonus features in most online casino slots. They are offered not only in traditional gaming devices made in strict accordance with the classic canons. But even with such models, developers often implement additional pricing options.

Bonuses in gaming devices can be of different types. Let’s highlight some of the most common types:

  • Free spins are a series of free spins that take place in casino money. Usually you start when several scatter symbols appear on the screen at the same time.
  • Respins are a type of fries spins. Most often they go through one at a time and can be repeated several times, but their exact number is not known in advance.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is a drum with sectors that feature payout amounts and other prizes.
  • Item selection is a common perk that requires you to randomly point out items that hide various rewards.
  • The duel of heroes is the most popular, but very interesting format. The characters fight each other. The process can be automatic or require customer involvement. Sometimes the battle runs parallel to the free spins.
  • Race – participants try to reach the finish line by bypassing their opponents. The player can bet on any of them or even help his favorite in some way.
  • Movement in the cells – a version in the spirit of board games in which you need to throw dice and walk around the field. There are different types with unusual rules.Additional multipliers are increased odds involved in calculating payouts for combinations.
  • Unique bonuses in casino slots are other rewards that have non-standard rules and therefore cannot be cataloged.

Multi-level slot machines are also common these days.

It is worth noting that the growing popularity of so-called skill-based video slots is increasing. These are models where bonuses require certain skills or abilities from the customer. In other words, the result does not only depend on the random number generator. The more successful the player is, the bigger the final payout.

Jackpots in online slots

The jackpot is often referred to as the maximum payout that can be achieved by playing a slot. In each model there is the largest fixed amount, which is determined by the rules and indicated in a special table.

In addition, progressive jackpots are played in many devices. Their size depends on the activity of clients playing for money. Small deductions are made from the stakes, which go towards the general prize pool.

The cumulative jackpots on the casino slots come in many different types:

  • On a particular slot machine,
  • In several models, but only in one casino,
  • On all copies of an apparatus presented in all establishments.

Online jackpots can reach tens of millions as their amounts increase with withdrawals from several thousand users, but due to the fierce competition, they are very difficult to fight for.

The rules for drawing video slots jackpots can be different. Choose from several options:

  • Collect the desired combination,
  • Fill the entire screen with the specified characters,
  • Get the prize sector on the wheel of fortune,
  • Fulfill certain requirements during the bonus game and so on.

Sometimes only customers who play maximum can claim the jackpot. Often the potential amount depends on the user’s current bid.

Always read the draw rules carefully and remember that progressive slots often come with a low RTP.

How do I choose a slot machine?

A detailed answer to this common question is given in several publications on the pages of the encyclopedia of gambling entertainment. In order not to repeat ourselves, let’s pay attention to some of the most important criteria for choosing slots.

  • The theoretical return, the higher it is, the better. That’s a universal rule. But remember that RTP is not fixed in all games. Sometimes certain actions need to be taken to get maximum returns. Also, don’t forget that it manifests itself over a long period of play.
  • Variance Level – Not everyone likes small payouts on almost every spin or long «black streaks». Choose a model that meets your expectations of comfortable gameplay.
  • Stakes – Are you happy with the minimum and maximum limits? Be careful before you play for money.
  • Special Requirements – Some video slots allow the user to influence the probability of winning. For example, a bonus bet increases the return or the jackpot is only played when a certain amount is at stake. A new trend in gambling is becoming models that require special knowledge or skills from players. Consider these traits to increase your chances.
  • The theme, the presence of certain bonuses, the quality of the graphics, the convenience of the interface – these parameters are subjective, so our recommendations here are superfluous.

In order not to miss any interesting novelties, we recommend that you often look at the section of the portal dedicated to reviews of gaming devices.

How can I win at a casino online slots?

In the reviews, our experts give recommendations for playing slots only if the model allows the client to influence the return. This option is usually available in models with bonus bets, unique prize rounds, a multi-level system or special jackpot conditions.

How can I play casino slots for free?

You can test slot machines “for interest” without registration. Demo slots are attached to most reviews. We offer only licensed devices, so you can be sure that the rules in the free version do not differ from the terms of casino play for money .

Free video slots are launched directly on the site. You don’t need to download and install them. You do not need to register with a portal to use this option.

Free slot machines allow you to learn the rules, get used to the interface, have a good time and understand whether you like this model.

How can I play casino slots for money?

There are no slot machines to real bets on the portal. We only offer demo slots for testing. To start slots for money you need to click on a link to one of the online casino portals.

The overview lists the best online casinos in which the model in question is presented. Choosing a suitable institution will help with expert articles and reviews from real customers.

Slots Reviews at Get Ready Online Casinos

Articles about video slots are written by experienced authors with extensive experience in casino games and gambling. They experience the machines personally and talk about their possibilities in thematic publications.

The following examines the structure of reviews on the site. Newcomers to online casinos recommend browsing all sections.

  1. General description – basic information about the slot machine, a list of features, rules for forming combinations and other general data.
  2. Symbols – A detailed description of the standard and special images used in the model.
  3. Bonus Games – Review of free spins, prize draws and other bonuses.
  4. Jackpots – a description of jackpots, the rules for the formation of cumulative amounts, the peculiarities of the draw and other nuances.
  5. Interface – meaning of English-language terms on the panel, design features, availability of adjustable parameters and so on.
  6. Conclusion – conclusions listing the main advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Where to Play Slots is a guide to readers as to where to find a free and real money video slot.
  8. Under the reviews you can write a review about the slot machine and give a rating.


Slot machines have even become too many and not all of them deserve your attention. Others are not of high quality at first.

In order not to waste time on pacifiers, read reviews of gaming devices on Get Ready Online Casinos. Our experts test new slots every day and speak impartially about the pros and cons.